Quilt Categories – 2019 Big Sky Quilt Show Quilt Categories



2019 Quilt Show Categories

Art Quilt

An art quilt is an original exploration of a concept or idea rather than the handing down of a “pattern”. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture and/or diversity of mixed media. An Art Quilt often pushes quilt world boundaries.

Quilt Among Friends

This category is suitable for guild quilts, round robins, group quilts, and charitable quilts with more than three persons participating. Minimum size is 190 perimeter inches.


Much of the creation on the quilt top was done by hand rather than machine.  Example techniques could include hand embroidery, hand quilting, hand applique, or hand piecing.

Youth Quilt

Quilt made by a person 18 years or younger.  No entry fee required.

Challenge Quilt

Building a Brighter Tomorrow, One Quilt at a Time

Create a new, original quilt representing a positive aspect of your community.  Include a light bulb.  See Challenge Quilt Rules for full details.

Machine Quilting

Quilts entered in the Machine Quilting Category will focus on the overall machine quilting (stitching used to sandwich the top, batting, and backing together).  If you opt to enter your quilt in the Machine Quilting Category, it will not be included in other categories.

Large Quilt

If your entry does not fit into any other category, consider the size of the quilt.  For the Large Quilt Category, total outside measurement should be 320 inches or larger.

Medium Quilt

If your entry does not fit into any other category, consider the size of the quilt.  For the Medium Quilt Category, total outside measurement should be between 223 inches and 319 inches.

Small Quilt

If your entry does not fit into any other category, consider the size of the quilt.  For the Small Quilt Category, total outside measurements should be between 73 inches and 222 inches.
Miniature Quilt

A miniature quilt is a scaled down version of a larger quilt. In other words, all elements of a miniature quilt (blocks, borders, sashing, etc.) should be reduced in size to a proportion that matches the size of the quilt.  If the quilt contains pieced blocks, blocks shall not measure more than 4 inches on any side. Quilts may be pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, or wholecloth. Quilts must consist of three layers and have visible machine quilting. Total perimeter of the quilt shall not exceed 96 inches and no single side shall be more than 24 inches in length.


A quilted item that does not fit into any other category would be considered in the Miscellaneous Category.  This could include bags, purses, wearable fashion, placemats, table runners, etc.


Quilts entered in the Modern Category feature design aesthetics of modern quilting.  These include, but are not limited to:  the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work.  Total outside measurement should be 200 or larger.