QBA Brown Bag 2017

The Quilt By Association guild will be doing a brown bag exchange in 2017.  The first step – bringing your fabric for the exchange in the brown bag – is due at the June meeting.

In summary, the brown bag project is using someone else’s fabric to create a gift for them.  In exchange, you will receive a gift made by someone else using your fabric.

In June, bring your fabric in a brown bag to participate in the exchange.  Who you are creating a gift for and who is creating a gift for you is to remain a secret.

Until December, create, create, create!  Use the fabric from the brown bag you received in the exchange to create a gift for the fabric owner.

At the December 4, 2017 QBA meeting, present the quilt-y item you created for the owner of the fabric.  In QBA, if you create a large quilt, you do not have to have it quilted – it can just be the top.