Connie Dilts – Class Supply List

DILTS – Quilting My Quadrilaterals

Connie Dilts will be teaching Quilting My Quadrilaterals on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Big Sky Quilt Retreat.

Create your own small wall hanging or table mat using batiks, scraps of wool, and beads.  You will learn an easy way to apply your wool pieces to fabric, use decorative embroidery stitches, and then enjoy embellishing your squares with beads, decorative or memorabilia pins (including your collection of quilting pins), or additional stitching.  This pattern may be used to learn new stitches, create a sampler of stitches or beadwork, preserve memories, or make a seasonal design.  The class will introduce you to sewing with smaller pieces of wool using a variety of threads, hand sewing needles, and other tools to make your work easier.

There will be a small amount of preparation work prior to the class, including finding your materials and cutting your cotton background squares.

Wool kit available from the instructor (optional).